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Core Home Workout Core Home Workout

At-Home CORE Workout

Core Home Workout

Train Like a Performer: Core Home Workout

It may look effortless, but to maintain stability in a jump and stick those landings, it requires an exceptional amount of core strength. Luckily, you don’t need access to a gym to work out like a Disney On Ice athlete. This equipment-free routine will have you training like one of our performers no matter where you are.

A Strong Core

We firmly believe that a strong core is important to prevent injury. The lifts, tricks and even wearing the heavy costumes seen in a Disney On Ice production all have parallels in everyday life. From picking up a toddler to trying to get your pup to take a bath, core strength will keep your body stable in any situation. 


Make It Yours

Remember, this is your fitness journey so take it slow if you are just starting out and listen to your body. If you are more advanced, increase the intensity with an additional circuit or have shorter rest periods in between each exercise. No matter what your level, have fun!

Share Your Progress

Consistency is key, so with practice, you will be Disney On Ice show ready before you know it. If you want to share your progress use #DisneyOnIce when posting to social.


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