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World Princess Week World Princess Week
Celebrating the Disney Princesses

FROM SKETCH TO SHOW: celebrating the disney princesses

Disney On Ice is taking part in Disney's Ultimate Princess Celebration by looking back at how the Disney Princess and Frozen stars have gone from the minds of talented costume designers, to touring hometowns around the globe in world-class performances on ice.

Disney On Ice has brought these beloved characters to life for more than 40 years, retelling their stories of courage, adventure, determination and love in new and innovative ways.

Disney Princesses skate around the world, inspiring audiences to sail beyond the reef, let it go, and make every day the best day ever!

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The beautiful simplicity of Anna’s traveling outfit is the perfect accompaniment to her unflappable, optimistic spirit when she takes center stage with Olaf and Elsa. 




The beloved Disney Princess comes to life on ice and takes audience members through her journey of self-discovery as she dreams of a life outside the water. 




Self-confident Belle is seeking adventure in the great wide somewhere thanks to this lovely adaptation of her blue peasant dress. 




Cinderella's iconic ballgown comes to life at Disney On Ice in a skating outfit that allows her warm, sincere spirit to shine through during that magical moment of meeting the Prince.




The stunning Ice Queen costume, adapted for Disney On Ice, helps our performers bring the enduring spirit of Elsa to life while cutting a magical figure across the ice.




As Jasmine's beloved turquoise outfit glitters and shines across the ice, her independent and strong personality takes center stage while she discovers a whole new world with Aladdin. 




Strong and sure of who she is, Moana's island-inspired costume helps brings her story to life on ice, encouraging you to sail beyond your reef!




In hues of purple as spirited as this determined young woman, Rapunzel's costume takes center ice as she glides from one adventure to the next with Flynn.



Visit the Ultimate Princess Celebration portal at to learn more about all the Disney Princesses.

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